To convert a song from YouTube to mp3 simply copy your YouTube song's URL and paste it into the box above. Once the video is converted you will be able to download the song as an mp3. To convert another song just click on the skull logo.

About YouTubeMp3

We all know the massive popularity and impact that YouTube has had over the last couple of years in terms of video sharing, user generated content in the form of video and many professional video channels that encompass a great level of availability for many internet users around the world. Undoubtedly, YouTube videos are among the most prominent examples of high quality videos available in the internet, providing free of charge massive amounts of content, music, informational videos, news and even tutorials in how to create or make things. The impact of YouTube videos have emerged a new necessity of converting YouTube videos to MP3 files when users are only interested in hearing the audio content of the videos and not the visual aspect of every video out there.

When it comes to preferring MP3 files that are created by the conversion of YouTube videos, most internet users prefer music videos on a wide scale more than anything else available on YouTube. This is a logical phenomenon since the majority of internet users possess an MP3 player such as an iPod in which they want to carry their favorite YouTube music videos, but not in video format but instead in MP3 format, something which they can effectively do by simply converting the music video files into MP3 files using a converter.

However, many people limit themselves to this action of converting YouTube videos to MP3 files by thinking that there are no free and reliable converters for both formats that deliver the expectations that they want. This is especially true when it comes to new internet users who have just discovered the potential and vast amounts of videos available from YouTube. Other YouTube users simply think that converters do exist but they are paid versions that charge extremely high and exorbitant rates for the overall service. No matter what these thoughts and conclusions are, YouTube users have at their disposition the best YouTube to MP3 converter which is, which we will call youtubemp3 to emphasize clarity, is one of the best and most reliable YouTube video to MP3 file converter, with a high level of user satisfaction which delivers all the results that you have been waiting for. The best of all is that youtubemp3 is totally free and very easy to use with reliable results that match the level of satisfaction desired.

youtubemp3 is very different from other converters due to its simplicity. Users can simply visit the official website and they will be welcomed with a skull logo which wears pink headphones, under this skull logo there is a link taskbar and a “Convert Video” button. Users can simply search on YouTube any video that they want to convert, copy the video’s URL, paste it onto this taskbar and then click the Convert Video button. The website will automatically redirect a download, requesting the user to either initiate the download or to simply reject it. Users can click OK and the automatic download will start, giving the option to save it either onto the user’s computer files or music library.

Once the video has been converted to an MP3 file, the file can then be added to playlists such as iTunes or Windows Media Player in order to let the file be transferred to an actual MP3 player, such as an iPod or a Smartphone. Users then have the total enjoyment and freedom to enjoy their favorite YouTube videos as songs, or MP3 files in their MP3 player or cellphone, all without any charges or fees whatsoever and with the total effectiveness that youtubemp3 offers to its visitors.

youtubemp3 is a revolutionary way to start enjoying your favorite music videos from YouTube as MP3 files, or any other kind of video out there, without any hassles or complications whatsoever. Users who have used youtubemp3 have been more than amazed with the results of the website, citing it is a revolutionary and innovative way to get MP3 files without very minimal delay and free of charge, some users have even expressed that youtubemp3 offers a superior quality in terms of download reliability than most paid converters available.

Another principal benefit of youtubemp3 is the fact that the download speed, rapidness and directional download of each converted video is beyond outstanding. Most YouTube videos, depending upon quality and length, can be as large as 100MB up to 1GB in size. However, with youtubemp3 and its applied programming techniques, getting a YouTube video of this size contracted to an MP3 files is now possible, with results in contracting and extracting only the audio of the video and reducing its overall size up to 80% in most cases.

This reduction of size brings download speeds to higher levels of reliability, in which download times are reduced to an excellent degree of expectations. Download speeds for most videos do not surpass the 5-minute range, thereby giving the desired flexibility and convenience for most internet users to convert and download as many videos as they would like to, without limiting the number of videos that they can download each day, nor giving the exorbitant fees or charges for doing so, everything at youtubemp3 is completely free, reliable and safe.

Another important characteristic of youtubemp3 is the fact that all the downloaded MP3 files are of superior quality, eliminating the notion that free converters do not deliver the highest quality; this notion is completely flawed in every way possible since youtubemp3 offers an excellent level of quality for any type of converted video.

For these reasons, we recommend all internet users to try out youtubemp3 in order to start enjoying the best music, information and tutorial videos with the highest quality ever provided and with the highest level of convenience and comfort of enjoying them right on their iPod, cellphone or any MP3 player.