To convert a song from YouTube to mp3 simply copy your YouTube song's URL and paste it into the box above. Once the video is converted you will be able to download the song as an mp3. To convert another song just click on the skull logo.

YouTubeMp3 Revolution

YouTubeMp3 is by far the easiest way to download your favorite music. One of the best things about YouTube is that it has turned into a tremendous catalog of music and video history. If you have been hunting down a specific song or audio track for a long time the old fashioned way, discovering that song on YouTube is both exhilarating and maddening. It can be exhilarating, because finally your hunt is over. No more trekking from used record shop to record ship looking for a song from that one movie in 1979. However, it can also be maddening, if you can’t figure out how to take clips from YouTube to MP3 files or how to download music from youtube. YouTubeMp3 allows you to download the music with a single click.

YouTube to Mp3

Thankfully, this web site can do that work for you, and rip the audio files from YouTube to MP3 files. You don’t have to call in an audio/visual expert to convert from YouTube to MP3; any standard computer user can do it. If you know how to copy and paste something on your computer, then you will be able to use YouTube3 and turn any video from YouTube to MP3 format. With YouTubeMp3 you will feel like a computer expert with a secret skill in no time at all!

So how do you do it? It’s really quite simple. To download from YouTube to MP3, you first need to go to the YouTube web page for the specific audio track you are looking for. Then, copy the URL for the page on to your computer’s clipboard. Return to this YouTubeMp3 conversion site, and paste the URL from your clipboard into the box above. Press the convert video, and almost instantaneously, you have an MP3 file from the original YouTube site. At this point you can download the YouTube to Mp3 file, and can do just about whatever you want with it.  

YouTubeMp3 = Music Anywhere

Because YouTube is full of so many different audio and video files you can convert all kinds of things from YouTube using YouTubeMp3. Think about your favorite scene from a movie or a television show. Wouldn’t you like to have that piece of audio always available to you? This is also an excellent way to be able to memorize something, like a speech for a class presentation or a part in a play for an audition. Some people learn better from hearing it out loud - if you are one of those people then YouTubeMp3 can surely help you do that here.

Too often, things on the computer can seem mysterious or complicated. Luckily for you, converting a file via YouTubeMp3 is one of those things that only seems difficult, but in reality, it actually is quite simple. This is a good example of a computer doing a complicated task, like stripping the audio file from a YouTube to an Mp3 file format, and making it easy as pie. After all, why would you want to do something complicated if a machine can do it for you? With YouTubeMp3 you can download and enjoy your music - anytime, anywhere.